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Who Are Real Estate Virtual Assistants?


A real estate virtual assistant (VA) is a specific resource who manages routine company tasks like contacting clients, lead generation, tracking finances, website building, marketing, and database maintenance. They operate remotely and contribute their knowledge to assist you concentrate on the important duties while they manage the show in the background.

Real estate virtual assistants come in four different varieties. These are:


  • VA real estate for administration

Virtual administrative assistants are skilled in handling back-office tasks like expense reporting and bookkeeping as well as office administration, scheduling, data entry, and phone calls. They are accountable for anything that falls under the purview of office management and that may be monitored online.

  • VA real estate sales

A sales virtual assistant is a freelancer who works with you to create a more effective sales process by cold-calling and emailing potential customers in order to generate new leads, nurture existing ones, and close more deals.

  • Real estate customer service VA

Customer service-focused virtual assistants manage calls and emails to provide your clients with a positive experience in general. They react to inquiries, assist clients with the purchase process, handle refund claims, administer CRM, and collect feedback to improve the organization’s present systems.

  • Promoting VA real estate

Your marketing strategy is created and carried out by a marketing virtual assistant across all channels, including search, social media, and email. They produce channel-specific content and support you in bringing your best effort to the table.


You can hire them as either temporary or full-time workers, depending on your budget and requirements, and profit from the wonderful advantages of outsourcing.


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