which qualities people want in va

Which Qualities People Want in VA’s?


Do you feel the effects of burnout? Do you ever feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish your tasks to your highest standards? Consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to increase your productivity and make sure you can complete all high-level initiatives of your profession.

You can use a virtual assistant for a wide range of tasks, including customer service, office work, and design. While every virtual assistant has their own special set of skills, there are a few requirements that every VA must meet in for her to benefit.

Here are some factors people look at in VA’s:

  • They are Very Dependable

It’s crucial to be reliable. They might be among the smartest, most qualified people you’ve ever met, but if you can’t trust on them to provide regular updates on projects or promptly respond to your emails, it will eventually affect your firm. Your virtual assistant must demonstrate a degree of responsibility and independence to carry out the responsibilities allocated to them without any guidance, as they will likely be working remotely.

  • They Have Excellent Communication Skills

Before you even consider making an offer to someone, they should be able to demonstrate excellent communication by promptly returning your calls or emails. Poor communication can have disastrous results, especially when it comes to a problem or difficulty they are having.


Lack of communication could lead to misconceptions that cause delays in workflow, add to costs, and damage your rapport with clients. Ensure your VA is at ease with all communication channels, including FaceTime, the email service you use specifically, any project management software, text messaging, etc.

  • vasa are Ingenious and Active

The last thing you want is to deal with a virtual assistant that just checks off tasks without taking the time to provide quality work or go above and beyond. The entire purpose of hiring a VA is to have a helping hand to complete specified duties, discover answers, and resolve any potential client difficulties.


Although it is impractical to expect your VA to be a master of all trades and have all the necessary skills, they should be resourceful. They could look up information on a specific task in a VA forum, watch a YouTube tutorial, or read articles that provide the required details.

  • A virtual assistant can perform multiple tasks.

Multitasking would undoubtedly be one of the top five skills a virtual assistant has to possess. After all, they’ll probably have several chores or projects on their plate, so they’ll need to be able to manage multiple clients while being organised and keeping things moving ahead.


A great virtual assistant must maintain a decent schedule, know what to prioritise, and work quickly.

  • They’re Excellent at Following Up

Finding a virtual assistant that can stay on top of all their chores, even when a customer might not, is like finding treasure. organized things go overlooked by the client, but your VA should have the skills to get in touch and follow up rather than prioritize doing that duty indefinitely.


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