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Whether to hire a Virtual Assistant or not? Pros and cons of a Virtual Assistant


Hiring a VA is not a piece of cake. It demands expertise and keen analysis. That is why many people prefer to hire full-time employees rather. To know whether hiring a VA is beneficial or not, we have listed the pros and cons together for better decision-making.


  1. Low costs – Full-time or permanent employees typically receive a monthly salary as well as ancillary payments for things like insurance and benefits. Unlike them, virtual assistants are only compensated for the time they are working for you, but they still produce the results you require. For firms, especially start-ups, that need employees but can’t yet afford to pay a full-time employee, this is the greatest alternative.
  2. Economic rates – It is well known that some nations provide more affordable rates than others. India and the Philippines, for instance, are recognised as the top two nations to visit when looking for virtual assistants. Excellence are these nations’ competitive advantages. As a result, outsourcing VAs from the Philippines or India guarantees that your company will save a lot of money compared to hiring a full-time or permanent employee.
  3. Time difference – Suppose the virtual assistant you hire is from a nation where you are in a different time zone. You have a person working for you while you sleep! Isn’t that practical? You literally have people working for you day and night.


  1. Communication issues – You must use chat, phone, or video calls to contact your virtual assistant. Although it’s not a big deal now, it might be in the future. Unexpected events like power outages, natural disasters, and lost Internet connections might cause difficulties for you and your VA. Due to the distance between the parties involved in the relationship, there is still another communication issue that needs to be taken into account. It’s impossible to know what you or your virtual assistants really mean when you speak. One of the frequent errors made in chat interactions is this. Misunderstood messages may lead to eventual conflict for both parties.
  2. No Personal Supervision – Virtual assistants can be effective all the time, but it will be difficult to keep an eye on them if the task given to them requires sufficient supervision. It can be challenging to see if your VA is performing their tasks correctly because you are not right there to monitor or inspect them. When they turn in their completed work to you, only then you will know the level of quality. Yes, you can monitor their progress using a variety of software, but using the chat feature to add comments and provide clarifications is difficult. Comparatively to explaining things in person, using chat platforms will grow more difficult.
  3. Data Security Risks – Sensitive information will be passed to your virtual assistant so that they can complete a specific task, similar to those completed at SquareFish Inc. No matter what kind of platform you use for sharing, the Internet’s nature does not provide any assurance that your data will be safe from being copied by another source. This explains why comprehensive background checks should be performed before hiring a virtual assistant in order to secure you, your data, and stop any potential data infringement.


No business has only benefits. When hiring a virtual assistant, the same holds true. However, as stated in the article, there are more benefits to having a virtual assistant than drawbacks. It may seem hazardous to hire someone you have never met in person, but after you do your research and select the ideal candidate to serve as your virtual assistant, you set yourself up for a successful partnership that will benefit both your professional and personal lives. Finding the ideal VA takes time, but once you discover someone you can designate with your business, everything will go according to plan.


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