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Virtual Assistant As A Video Editor


You’ve probably heard that a business’s online marketing strategy must include a video content. However, did you know that by 2025, 80% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video traffic globally.

Here we have compiled some interesting data on video marketing which is now-a-days under the control of a Virtual assistant.

Consistently producing top-notch video content takes a lot of effort and calls for a well-thought-out plan. Hiring a virtual assistant for video editing as part of that approach could free up your time for other business management tasks. They possess the abilities and resources necessary to do tasks quickly and effectively.

Following are some important leads in which a VA works as a helping hand:

  • Edit raw video for colour and quality:

Your web video material doesn’t have to appear like it has been created by some professional. However, it must live up to the high expectations of viewers in terms of quality. Your existing footage can be edited by a skilled virtual assistant for video editing to stick to those requirements. You can avoid spending money on pricey video editing software and save time.


  • Eliminate errors:

Your company will appear less professional if your films contain embarrassing gaffes or mistakes. Hire a video editing VA to eliminate these segments and apply smooth transitions to make it appear high end in such a way that suck events never occurred.


  • Add dialogue, music, and/or narration:

The voiceover, music, and dialogue in a video are still quite significant for those who do turn on the volume, even though many people watch videos without sound. These components can be added by a video VA, who will make sure they complement the visual material appropriately.


  • Insert subtitles:

Five to ten times the duration of the video must be typed in order to transcribe the subtitles. As a result of stopping, starting, and rewinding, creating subtitles for a five-minute video could take 25 to 50 minutes. A video VA can assist with the transcription or editing of automatic subtitles and attaching them to your video so that they playback without interruption on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others.


  • Final Video Evaluation:

Similar to text-based content (emails, blog entries, etc.), videos substantially benefit from a second pair of eyes. Your video can be given a last check by a video editing VA to ensure that there are no strange cuts, that the language is spelled correctly, and that there are no other unintentionally placed objects.


  • Putting content on YouTube:

Your video may take a long to upload to YouTube depending on the size of the video file. A virtual assistant for video editing can assist with the following in addition to uploading the file:

  1. enhancing the keywords, description, and title of the video
  2. creating playlists for videos
  3. adding customised on-brand thumbnails

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