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Top 3 Questions Asked From Virtual Assistants In An Interview


Getting hired by employers as virtual assistants is not as complicated as people think of it. Some people pass the interviews confidently while others get confused. Minds of people are often flooded with suck questions;

What will happen at the employment interview? What inquiries will you encounter while applying for a position as a virtual assistant, and how should you respond to them to impress your interviewer and land the position? Let’s get right to the questions and see if we can’t figure it out together.

Could you please let us know a little bit about your professional background?

This question occasionally serves as an icebreaker in interviews, but not this time. When you describe your experience, keep in mind that the audience is watching a variety of things:

Do you respond succinctly and with some sort of order, such as by mentioning your most recent roles first?

Do you maintain eye contact with them during the interview (even if it’s over Zoom or Skype)?

Is your language simple to comprehend, and how well do you speak English?

From the very beginning of the interview, try to project a pleasant attitude. Focus on the pertinent responsibilities and tasks as you describe each job you held one at a time.

What time zone are you in and are you available at that time?

The most crucial thing in this situation is to display some flexibility. You must reside in a specific time zone and prefer not to work at night. However, you are also prepared to make a trade-off in exchange for the work and are aware of how critical it is to regularly communicate with your employer by phone or online chat.

As a result, you don’t mind working, for instance, until 10 p.m. because it’s 10 a.m. in the US, and that’s a good time for your boss to have a brief conversation with you each day to summarise the work and go over the assignments for the following day.

Since you lack experience, why should we hire you as a virtual assistant?

You will receive dozens of applications within the first few hours if you publish a compelling offer for a virtual assistant position on any well-known platform, like Upwork or Freelancer. Even though you can read reviews and other things, it might be challenging to pick only one candidate for the position, especially when some of the applicants lack experience but you still want to give them a chance. In this situation, the dreaded “Why should we hire you?” question is frequently posed. And let me tell you, it’s not an easy question to respond to, especially if you have no prior professional experience. To make an impression, though, you can attempt one of the following strategies. One is to concentrate on your advantages. You may assert that you are the VA who is the most accountable. Never being late, always meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, being able to work autonomously, readily understanding directions, coming up with new ideas for your boss, etc. Having reviews that back up such claims certainly helps, but even without them, you can still try it. Another is providing a lower price—at least initially. In some severe situations, you can even offer to work for free for the first week as their VA so they can evaluate the value you provide and decide later whether or not to hire you. Such assurance will make a big impression on individuals.

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