Tasks performed by a VA in PR agency

Tasks an Outsourced Virtual Assistant Can Do


It can be stressful to work in public relations. It can be challenging to do everything in a 24-hour period, what with calls with clients and emails to numerous media. Additionally, you should prepare speeches and proposals, maintain those social media channels, and keep up with market developments. As a result, you ought to think about hiring a virtual assistant for your PR company.

We live in a busy time, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone! Consider delegating rather than exerting yourself by doing everything. A virtual assistant can help your public relations company’s workload be managed and productivity sped up. Consequently, allocating a portion of some work to an outsourced VA.

Tasks for which you can rely upon a virtual assistant:

A virtual assistant might be ideal for your public relations firm if you want to free up some time for more crucial tasks or simply to help relieve some of the workload. Publicists and virtual assistants have a lot in common. Almost every duty you can think of delegating will be able to be taken on by a number of virtual assistants. These consist of:

  • Writing and editing press releases, blog articles, and speeches
  • Investigate a publication, a company, or market trends.
  • Control one’s social media presence
  • Take calls, return emails, and collect client information from customers.
  • Report writing and delivery
  • Aid in developing and implementing plans for dealing with PR problems and backlash
  • Organize client and lead information.
  • Create and transmit invoices
  • Make advertising campaigns and copy

A lot more!

The kinds of tasks you can assign to a remote assistant are virtually endless. There are so many different jobs you can delegate to your own virtual assistant because they have so much in common.


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