An Outsourced Real Estate VA Can Do For You


This blog consists of a long list of an outsourced real estate virtual assistant who can perform plenty of tasks and make you feel ease and comfort at your pace.

Following are the most important tasks, he can do for you;

  • Real estate analysis

A virtual assistant can save money by conducting research on:

  • Pursuing and locating information on properties, such as its location, best characteristics, and amenities
  • Examining pricing and market patterns in various markets
  • Examining the commercial plans of rivals
  • Upcoming conferences on real estate worldwide
  • Scheduling appointments

When you work in the real estate industry, it is simple to forget about appointments. A virtual assistant is familiar with applications like Calendly and Google Calendar that help them:

  • Easily schedule meetings with prospects and manage your monthly calendar.
  • Make appointments with buyers and sellers a priority.
  • To avoid meeting overlaps, add buffers.
  • Back-office management

A real estate VA can control your office operations and save overhead expenditures for physical office space and work equipment by taking on the responsibilities of a marketer, account manager, or project leader. You can hire a virtual administrative assistant to handle these tasks:

  • Calculating hours, adding expenses, and changing compensation for internal workers are all part of bookkeeping and payroll.
  • Performing cold calls and using phone answering services to take incoming calls and leave voicemails
  • Creating databases and controlling data for contacts, sales, lead creation, and CRM operations
  • Doing bank-related procedures, such as money transfers and bill payments
  • Emailing clients about fresh real estate offers
  • Weekly sales and deliverables reports creation and presentation
  • Email administration, including answering questions and removing spam
  • Organising support cases for technical issues and providing customer service
  • Sending bespoke holiday cards, party invites, and thank-you messages to both new and returning customers
  • Establishing and managing cloud computing accounts on storage servers
  • Divide, merge, and convert document files
  • Creating final papers from faxes, dictations, and handwritten draughts
  • Creating forms and surveys to get client feedback
  • Rereading real estate documents
  • Graph creation from spreadsheets
  • Website administration

A website’s main goal is to increase sales. It is likely not designed to compete in the harsh online real estate industry if it offers nothing to bring you excellent leads and prospects. A bad website lacks the following four qualities, which give your clients the best UX:

  • Quickly loading
  • Simple usability
  • Flowing navigation
  • Geared toward search


Without the knowledge of a real estate virtual assistant, it is impossible to accomplish the aforementioned goals. Hire a committed professional to get your website ready for competition by:

  • Developing, designing, and planning it
  • Providing technical assistance via coding
  • Installation, personalization, and theme update
  • Preserving its efficiency, safety, and troubleshooting
  • Including chat tools, payment processors, and social media outlets to facilitate sharing


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