Some Rare Forms Of Virtual Assistant

Some Rare Forms Of Virtual Assistants


Depending on your skill set, there are numerous sectors you might pursue as a virtual assistant in your firm. I covered some of the virtual assistant roles to which people are less familiar.

While you choose to start as a general VA who can do practically anything, focusing on a particular industry or clientele can help you scale more quickly and provide the greatest service.

Some Rare Forms of Virtual Assistants

Following are some of the forms of a virtual assistant which are not much recognized.

Assistant in Real Estate

There is a tonne of paperwork involved in buying and selling property. These tiresome activities can be assisted with by a virtual real estate assistant.

In your capacity as a Realtor VA, you might prefer:

  • Posting ads on websites that list properties for sale
  • Arranging home visits
  • Receiving proposals
  • Dealing with contracts
  • Conducting research on the real estate market and properties managing social media marketing for real estate enterprises
  • Database administration
  • Examining mortgage rates and available home finance options.
  • Arranging and managing the meetings with prospective buyers, agents, and investors

If you enjoy keeping up with real estate trends or have prior experience in the industry, becoming a real estate VA may be the appropriate career choice for you.

A virtual assistant for eCommerce

As more brick and mortar businesses use eStore frontends, the eCommerce sector is now booming. As a result, there is a growing need for virtual assistants that have experience managing eCommerce platforms.

As an eCommerce assistant, you’ll offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Listing and managing products
  • Development and upkeep of eCommerce platforms
  • Inventory control
  • Putting mechanisms in place to make store administration simpler
  • Integration of apps
  • The development and administration of promotional discount codes
  • A product description is written
  • Management and strategy for taxonomies

Building List Assistant

A crucial company strategy for sustainability is having a working, healthy email list. Building a list, however, requires effort since, like many other facets of digital marketing, there are simply too many moving elements.

You will support your clients as a list building assistant by:

  • Creating various client persona profiles
  • Constructing several lead magnets for various characters
  • Tracing the paths taken by their customers
  • Establishing welcoming sequences
  • Establishing exit procedures
  • Composing or editing the week’s newsletter


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