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Significant Challenges Faced By Virtual Assistants


After the recognition of the importance and benefits of virtual assistants in every field, there is a high demand for virtual assistants in the market. Because of this, a number of newbies are stepping ahead which is appreciative. However, newbies have to face some challenges in the field of virtual assistance. Here are the significant ones;

  • Inaccuracy And Lack Of Customisation

It is because it lacks the necessary context or doesn’t comprehend the question’s intent that a VA is unable to provide accurate answers.

Solution: The virtual assistant must: In order to facilitate interesting dialogues that lead to a successful self-service resolution, the virtual assistant must:

Give the user the freedom to express themselves using natural language, including slang, errors, misspellings, synonyms, unstructured content, and difficult syntax.

  1. Reference the conversation’s overall context
  2. Respond to each user individually based on their context (account balance, navigation history, search term, etc.)
  3. Use conversational techniques to solve problems (clarifying questions, incomprehension strategies, disambiguation strategies to clarify customer intent through related answers, etc.)
  4. bolster typical social reactions
  • Behavioural Targeting Is Lacking

Virtual assistants are frequently introduced in the hope that they will be everything to everyone, but if behavioural targeting criteria are not provided, they will struggle to engage the customer with the proper experience.

Solution: Organizations may better understand customer intent using analytics and business rules. Among the consumer behaviour facets examined are:

  1. Page, content area, or site time
  2. Prior involvement on the scene
  3. Source of campaign leads
  4. Local certification
  5. Opt-out behaviour
  6. A site visit
  7. On-site and off-site searches
  8. Cart contents or value
  9. User-inputted data
  10. Formal fieldwork
  11. Site oblivion

And a lot more

A highly intelligent rules engine that uses real-time data and business objectives to select between a live agent, automated system, and other options is essential for real-time customer segment targeting success.

  • Faulty and Unproven Design Decisions

There are various virtual assistant designs available on the market, and manufacturers choose a design based on the function it will fulfil. A human face in advertising boosts interest and engagement. Assistants with anthropomorphized traits foster greater human involvement, likeability, and trust in social contexts. It is standard practice for VA design to personify the VA with an avatar since it improves customer happiness and success rates for contact centres and sales to personalize and humanize the engagement.

Although studies suggest that a picture is distracting and can have a negative impact due to user prejudice toward the image, chat A/B testing has repeatedly shown that it is best to practice not having an avatar or human face displayed during the conversation.


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