role of virtual assistant in e commerce businesses

Role Of VA In E-Commerce Businesses


Making outrageous profits with your e-commerce business wasn’t as difficult in the past because of the lack of fierce competition. However, with massive rivals like Amazon and eBay sweeping the e-Commerce industry by storm, a lot has changed today.

A major problem that e-Commerce businesses now confront is finding the correct things to offer.

Other difficulties include increasing targeted traffic, gathering and converting quality leads, keeping subscribers engaged, retaining clients, and establishing a usable technological basis.

Repetitive tasks like order processing, inventory management, providing top-notch customer service, and managing the e-Commerce website take up a lot of your time and prevent you from concentrating on growing your business.

An e-Commerce virtual assistant (VA) will assist you with product and research-based tasks, Excel work, product image editing, product listings, and optimizing product lists. They will also help you manage pricing and inventory, fulfill orders, process returns and exchanges, bookkeeping, and handle customer support. This will keep your store up-to-date and operational 24 hours a day.

Jobs to delegate to an e-Commerce Assistant

You can focus on growing your online store by giving the time-consuming work to an experienced e-Commerce virtual assistant.

The wide range of jobs they are capable of:


  • Creating and optimizing an e-Commerce listing
  • Processing orders
  • Management of e-Commerce inventory
  • Tracking orders should be included
  • Customer care
  • Basic resizing and tweaking of photos
  • Market study and evaluation of Amazon’s rivals
  • Tasks that are related to administration, include making travel plans, entering data into databases, answering calls, and organising appointments.
  • Bookkeeping and financial management via email
  • Insights into customers are analysed while managing social media
  • Other market and e-Commerce activities outside website upkeep


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