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Myths About Virtual Assistants


One of the best things you can do for your business is; to hire a virtual assistant. More firms and business owners are using virtual assistants to maintain their enterprises’ profitability even in unpredictable economic times.

You should sort through the junk before seeking a VA. On the benefits of virtual assistance, there is a variety of information available, but not all of it is accurate. A large portion of it might be marketing bluster meant only to fan the flames of VA mythology.

The following 5 misconceptions about using a virtual assistant have been debunked:

  • They perform miracles

A virtual assistant has the knowledge, abilities, and expertise to get your company running smoothly. But they have a learning curve, just like all new employees do. As you gain more experience and confidence, the learning curve begins to slope downward from its steepest point in the beginning. For instance, if you run a health and fitness consultancy and hired a candidate with five years of experience as a virtual assistant for real estate, she would require some time to solidify her knowledge of the field and your offerings. Although virtual assistants (Vas) may not perform miracles, with enough time, they can advance your company to new heights.

  • Contracting with a VA Won’t Reduce Costs or Boost Productivity

You will gain more benefits from outsourcing services to a virtual assistant than just cost savings. A VA who works for themselves is responsible for covering all of their business expenses, including Internet, electricity, and other utilities. Only productive hours are reimbursed. You can boost productivity by committing more time to the crucial parts of your company’s operations when you assign work to a VA. Additionally, you create a significant strategic partnership, access new talent pools, and reduce your risk of business growth. Overall, hiring a VA results in increased profitability.

  • There is No Training Required for Virtual Assistants

You should always give your virtual assistant training, despite their experience. Even if you recruit someone with industry knowledge, you still need to teach her how you intend to run your own company. In actuality, even those who have been offering virtual support for years require ongoing training and orientation. To make sure your VA is current with both your business strategy and market changes, training is crucial.

  • Vas Don’t Examine Their Own Work

Remember that a lot of virtual assistants are compensated by the productive hour. The client will not accept any work that has mistakes or inconsistencies. So, for the benefit of everyone, VAs review their work before submitting it and correct any error that occurs.

  • You can use any virtual assistant.

Like any other profession, you have your good VAs and bad or not-so-good VAs. The sector has expanded its pool of applicants, which may have a negative impact on the caliber of the products and services. For this reason, you shouldn’t hire the first applicant who applies in response to your job posting. Make a short list of three to five prospects, and put them through the following qualification steps:

  1. Interviews
  2. Testing Period Payed
  3. Taking Care

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