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Is Experience Necessary For Hiring Virtual Assistants?


Well, there is a popular myth about hiring virtual assistants which is; that experience is mandatory to be hired as a virtual assistant. This myth often upsets the new talent who has the potential and skills to work remotely. However, experience has nothing to do with it. Though experience counts during hiring it is not a compulsory factor. So, any person who has skills, potential, and talent can pursue remote work.

You may not find your desired remote post but you can get one from numerous options to start with. Let’s see what the other options are.

What Kinds of Jobs Are Available For a Virtual Assistant Without Experience?

Personal assistant, office assistant, scheduler, and personal shopper are positions that are open to a virtual assistant without experience. Depending on the type of role you have and the business, specific work responsibilities vary, although the majority are administrative in nature. Unless you have prior administrative expertise, you can typically apply for entry-level roles as a virtual assistant without experience. Helping clients, creating emails and letters, setting up appointments, and organizing electronic data are just a few examples of general activities. Additionally, you may keep track of weekly and daily responsibilities, including projects, meetings, and deadlines. The majority of your work is done online, although you occasionally may need to participate virtually in meetings over the phone or through internet portals. You can also be in charge of getting in touch with suppliers and other co-workers to confirm meetings or orders.

Without Experience, How to Work as a Virtual Assistant

A high school diploma or GED certificate is the minimum requirement for employment as a virtual assistant; however, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or completion of administrative assistance courses may increase your marketability. Employers typically look for applicants who have strong work ethics and are very organized. You must be a self-starter with excellent attention to detail and must have the capacity to multitask because this is a remote position. It’s helpful to have some technical knowledge, such as an understanding of Word, Excel, and Outlook. Familiarity with drafting and emails also counts.


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