How to run your own firm as CEO

How To Run Your Own Firm As Ceo


You’re likely taking on the duties of several distinct tasks unless you quickly hired a crew when your organisation was founded. In other words, you have several hats to wear, and as a result, your time is divided among many distinct jobs and commitments.

You need to assign certain tasks and responsibilities to people if you want to become the CEO of your company and focus your time just on the things that a CEO should do.


It’s only a matter of math.

For instance, you cannot expect to reach your objective of making over $100,000 per year by devoting your time to activities that only pay $20 per hour. The math simply doesn’t work out unless you can work 5,000 hours in a calendar year, which is implausible. You should invest your time in tasks that pay more per hour.

One of the reasons why business owners are hesitant to hire help is because they see it as an expense rather than an investment. The activity that follows should be beneficial for you if you’ve ever experienced this feeling regarding hiring.


Determine your desired hourly rate.

Your target hourly rate is the amount that, as the company’s CEO, your time must be valued at in order to meet your financial objectives.

Take your monthly (or annual) revenue target and divide it by the number of hours you plan to work during that time to arrive at your target hourly rate. For instance, $125 per hour is equivalent to $250,000 (the yearly revenue objective) divided by 2,000 (the number of work hours).


Each work in your company has a rough price value.

It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to determine the tasks that add the greatest value to your company and devote the majority of your time to them. Delegate to someone else any duties or activities that are less time-consuming than your target hourly rate. If you’re not making the money you want, I can almost promise that it’s because you don’t devote enough time to worthwhile pursuits.


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