How to Become a Certified Virtual Assistant (1)

How To Become A Certified Virtual Assistant?


A virtual assistant is an independent contractor that performs work for organizations or people online. Virtual assistants can perform a range of technical, administrative, and creative tasks for small business owners or larger businesses. Some serve as wealthy or famous helpers. Certifications demonstrate to employers that you are a professional and you should take your work seriously, even though experience in a particular industry is beneficial.

There are numerous certified personal assistant certification alternatives available, but you should first focus on the industry you wish to work in to determine the abilities required.

Get Access To Some Professional Training

No degree is required to work as a virtual assistant; basic administrative training and computer proficiency are all you need to get started. There are several online courses available that are designed to help you become a virtual assistant and one can find them with a Google search, For instance, MsVirtuals provides new virtual assistants with a mentoring program in addition to other teaching materials.

The organizations that offer these certificates have distinct certification procedures. You can sign up for MsVirtuals, even if you have no prior experience. Before you may become certified by the VA Certified organization, you must serve as a virtual assistant for at least a year.

Acquire More Credentials

To expand your program certifications in relevant sectors in addition to the fundamental membership credentials. Some distinct virtual assistant courses are offered by, which you can take to raise your credentials. It will help you to receive training and certification in a certain kind of software for industrial use.

How will you interact with the clients you’ll be providing? Consider the technology they employ. That requires, mastering the usage of email and smartphones. You’ll be more qualified the more software you master,  including cloud-based team apps. Consider gaining knowledge of Pipefy, Google Docs, Trello, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and GoTo Meetings.

Start acquiring customers

Ask your business acquaintances if they know anyone who wanted to hire a virtual assistant for a few hours each week. You’ll get expertise from doing this and be able to gather endorsements and client references. Find clients through networking in your neighborhood at organizations and business circles, and speak to previous employers and other people who may need your skills.



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