basic types of VA's

Basic Types Of Virtual Assistants


What can a virtual assistant do for you is undoubtedly one of the key things on your mind when you explore hiring one.

There are many possible answers.

A Virtual Assistant can theoretically perform everything that doesn’t require their physical presence, which is actually quite a lot if they have the appropriate training, abilities, and resources.

There are various kinds of virtual assistants, so it’s critical to understand which kind is most suited for the activities you intend to outsource.


Generally Speaking Virtual Assistant:

A general virtual assistant is the most prevalent kind of virtual assistant (aka a General VA). A general virtual assistant (VA) is someone who can handle the routine chores and procedures necessary for running your organisation but who isn’t necessarily focused on expanding it.

The tasks that you would assign to a general VA are typically repetitive and technical in nature. Examples include managing your emails or travel schedule, scheduling appointments, data entry, research, scheduling social media posts, etc.


Virtual Assistant with Specialized Knowledge:

Someone with specialised virtual assistant skills is more suited to owning and/or managing a narrowly focused process in your company. Because they already have a specialised skill set and will just need a little more training from you than General Vas, they are typically more expensive.

Project management, bookkeeping, video editing, and customer support are a few examples of tasks that are better left to a Specialized VA.



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